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Themed Wedding Inspiration

Here at Whimsical Weddings we have put together four fabulous 'Ready to Roll' venue styling theme packages for your convenience. Each of our themes has been carefully researched and planned to follow current trends in Wedding Styling.

In these themes, you can pick  choose between your Bridal Flowers, Ceremony Flowers & Decor, Table Centrepieces, Entrance Decor & Welcome signage, Drinks or Food Cart, Wedding Favours, Wedding Arch or Backdrop, Alternative Guestbook, Personalised Table Plan & Table settings, as well as Additional styling & decor. 


This also includes a personal consultation at your chosen venue approx one month before your wedding, along with ongoing planning & communication through email, skype & phone throughout the run up to your big day. We also complete full set up & styling of your chosen package either on the day before or morning of your wedding by some of our professional stylists and also the take down of & removal the following morning.


Everything you need to create a beautiful & stylish wedding are included in these packages , just pick the style that suits you! These Packages can also be varied to suit your personal taste and colour scheme.


Wedding Post Box


 We provide a personalized ‘Card Post Box’ for your guests to place their wedding cards into. The post box is personalized with the Bride & Grooms names and wedding date and is securely locked with keys that can be given to the best man to mind on the day.

Wedding Favours

We provide beautiful wedding favours for your guests to bring home as a memento of your special day. They come with a personalised tag and are filled with a favour of your choice.


  • Wildflower seed packets ‘Let Love Grow’

  • Miniature pots of Jam ‘Spread the Love’

  • Miniature pots of Popcorn ‘Thanks for Poppin by’

  • Miniature pots of Honey ‘Meant to Bee’

  • Sachets of Hot chocolate ‘Let love warm your heart’

  • Sachets of Tea leaves ‘Love is Brewing’

  • Packets of Mints ‘Mint to Be’

  • Packets of Sweets ‘Love is Sweet’

  • Travel themed suitcases with sweets ’Love is the greatest Adventure’

Cake Table Decor

We dress your ‘Cake Table’ with a beautiful tablecloth, a stunning personalised Cake hoop backdrop, floral arrangements of your choice, cake stands & various props to suit your style.